Products – splints and supports, anti-inflammatory creams

Customised soft sole orthotics

Made to measure for ‘flat or high arched feet’ – adults and children

Jogger with orthotics

Splints and supports

Full range of back-care, upper and lower limb splints and supports for sport and rehabilitation of injuries

Anti-inflammatory herbal creams

for the management of muscular/joint pain relief and inflammation

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A variety of health and wellness products are available

Health and Wellness Products

Visit our on-line store for an extensive range of Wellness vitamin and mineral supplements, functional foods and wellness skin care products and more Shop Now

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

massage therapy room at Leichhardt physiotherapy clinic

Massage therapy room at the Leichhardt Physiotherapy Clinic

Enjoy physical and emotional health and wellness with massage therapy at Leichhardt Physiotherapy Clinic … essential oils, warmth, soothing music.

Our qualified Remedial Massage Therapist offers the following:

Relaxation & Swedish

Relaxing or energising, Swedish massage therapy soothes the nervous system, stimulates circulation and releases toxins from the muscles. Designed to reduce emotional and physical stress, shorten recovery time from muscular strain and improve sleep patterns.

1 hour $90   I   1.5 hours $140   I   2 hours $170

Remedial & Sports

Therapeutic and deep tissue to treat specific areas of muscle tension caused by stress or injury. Designed to tone and relax muscles, improve posture and joint mobility, and optimise sports performance.

1 hour $90   I   1.5 hours $140   I   2 hours $170

Therapeutic Pregnancy

Relaxing and soothing, this massage is designed to relieve tension areas such as the lower back and shoulders, stimulate circulation and improve sleep patterns. Performed in side position and comfortably supported with pillows, you will drift away with the aroma of lavender.

1 hour $98

Neck and Back Pain

Neck and Back Pain

Neck pain? whiplash injury? Back pain? Stiffness? headaches? nerve pain? Are any of these issues effecting you recently or on an ongoing daily basis?

Most of us will be effected by neck or back pain at some stage of our lives effecting how we perform our normal daily activities, work situation, sport and recreation.

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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Has your sport caused an injury effecting your return to sport?

Do you need to get back to that sport in as little time as possible?

Has your sport injury(s) also effected how you function on a day to day basis including work and other recreation?

With over 21 years of clinical experience combined with sports physiotherapy coverage of local club and representative soccer, Rugby League and Rugby Union teams along with sports physio coverage of National and South Pacific martial arts competitions, Leichhardt Physiotherapy Clinic will be able to tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs.

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Work and Motor Vehicle Injuries

Work and Motor Vehicle Injuries

“have you suffered an injury at your work place? Involved in a motor vehicle, motor bike or scooter or pedestrian accident ?”

Episodes of the above causing injury / trauma, whiplash or multiple injuries can be debilitating, and can mean time off from work, effecting your financial situation and in some case emotional wellbeing.

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Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy Management of Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

Are you about to have surgery or coming out of surgery as a result of trauma, injury, repetitive strains or degenerative conditions involving ligaments, cartilage, tendons, muscles, bones, discs and nerves?

Are you looking for a total treatment and rehabilitation solution to help try to restore you to a pre injury status or improve or restore function?

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