Work and Motor Vehicle Injuries

Work and Motor Vehicle Injuries

“have you suffered an injury at your work place? Involved in a motor vehicle, motor bike or scooter or pedestrian accident ?”

Episodes of the above causing injury / trauma, whiplash or multiple injuries can be debilitating, and can mean time off from work, effecting your financial situation and in some case emotional wellbeing.

A group of people from different occupations

Workers from a variety of different occupations may require physiotherapy treatment for work related injuries at some stage of their work life or career


Model of man thrusting forward shows common whiplash accident

Whiplash is a common motor vehicle injury and is characterised by a rapid whip like action. Here the model is thrust forward after a quick deceleration.

Model of man thrusting backwards shows common whiplash accident

The model is now whipped backwards quickly placing a large amount of stress on the neck causing possible soft tissue and joint injuries

Your physiotherapist Anthony Ruggeri has over 21 years of clinical experience dealing with and treating Workplace and Motor vehicle related injuries. He is also WorkCover accredited which means his professional clinical experience will help assess your condition, combined with a variety of evidence based treatment techniques and rehabilitation program(s) enable you to have an individual comprehensive treatment plan to optimise your recovery whilst being  in consultation with your referring doctor or specialist (which may include orthopaedic, neurologist or rheumatologist) and other rehabilitation providers involved in your injury recovery and work towards helping you achieve a pre-injury status.

Man sitting at desk with hotspot on lower back

Long periods of time spent on the computer or desk will often cause lower back complaints which will require physiotherapy treatment and postural strengthening

Apart from and also inclusive of your physiotherapy treatment, also offered are:

Injury Rehabilitation & Fit for Work Gym Programs:

  • Conducted at local gym(s)
Man at base of ladder with injury to knee

A lot of our patients are workers who have suffered from falls or other work related injuries

Hydrotherapy / Aquatic Physiotherapy Programs:

  • Conducted at local heated pools/aquatic centre(s)
  • Includes initial assessment
  • Treatment plan(s) tailored¬†to your individual injury and / or rehabilitation goals
  • Liaison and correspondence with your insurance company are all included and negotiated and provided on your behalf including eg. gym fees/membership and pool entry fees etc.

Clinical Pilates / Rehabilitation Studio:

Fully equipped studio to cater for all pre and post operative procedures and injury rehabilitation and exercise. This may include orthopaedic and neurological conditions injuries / trauma, repetitive strains conditions and other related trauma conditions.