Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy Management of Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

Are you about to have surgery or coming out of surgery as a result of trauma, injury, repetitive strains or degenerative conditions involving ligaments, cartilage, tendons, muscles, bones, discs and nerves?

Are you looking for a total treatment and rehabilitation solution to help try to restore you to a pre injury status or improve or restore function?

We can help improve and or/help restore your joint range of motion, strength, conditioning and stability, decrease pain and swelling, and improve your overall function.

With over 21 years of professional clinical experience we can effectively assist with your preparation / conditioning prior to your surgery and post operatively with your rehabilitation to optimise your recovery via knowledgeable assessment of your condition, combined with a variety of treatment techniques enable you to have an individual customised treatment plan which leads to effective recovery. This may include some or all of the following:

Physiotherapy, core strengthening, hydrotherapy and Pilates and home exercise.

Examples of surgery where you may require rehabilitation:

*Orthopaedic / Rheumatoid / Neurosurgery

Eg, hip and knee surgery and joint replacements, all types of arthritic conditions, rotator cuff shoulder repairs, cruciate ligament, cartilage and arthroscopic and reconstructive joint surgery, neck and back surgery for disc or nerve pathology.

*Trauma / injury from work or motor vehicle accidents, and sport.

Initial consultation and treatment 1 hour duration.

Subsequent consultation and treatment 45 minutes duration.

Leichhardt Physiotherapy Clinic receives extensive referrals from local GP’s, medical centres, and specialist-Orthopaedic, Rheumatologists, Neurologists, as well as WorkCover and CTP insurers, rehabilitation companies and other allied health professionals.

“Your Total Rehabilitation and Treatment Solution”