Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Has your sport caused an injury effecting your return to sport?

Do you need to get back to that sport in as little time as possible?

Has your sport injury(s) also effected how you function on a day to day basis including work and other recreation?

With over 21 years of clinical experience combined with sports physiotherapy coverage of local club and representative soccer, Rugby League and Rugby Union teams along with sports physio coverage of National and South Pacific martial arts competitions, Leichhardt Physiotherapy Clinic will be able to tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs.

Woman breaks wood block with Judo kick

Sports injuries can be acute or chronic. Prompt physiotherapy treatment will assist recovery

Man evades tacles playing football (soccer)

Physiotherapy treatment of your sports injuries will assist your return to sport

We will provide a comprehensive treatment solution through professional clinical knowledge and experience via assessment of your condition, combined with a variety of treatment techniques with a customised treatment plan to optimise your recovery and to return to your sport as soon as possible.

3 children with balls smiling

No matter what your age, optimise your sports injury recovery with physiotherapy

Initial consultation and treatment 1 hour duration.

Subsequent consultation and treatment 45 minutes duration.