Upper and Lower Limbs

Upper and Lower Limbs

Do you have aches, pains and strains or trauma involving shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand? or hip, knee, ankles or feet?

Woman in pain feels her shoulder

There are various causes of shoulder pain

Man grabbing above his knee

Knee problems can be associated with pathology above and below the knee joint

All injuries or strains involving muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint structures of the above are catered for as a comprehensive treatment solution through professional clinical knowledge and experience via assessment of your condition, combined with a variety of treatment techniques enable you to have an individual customised treatment plan to optimise your recovery.

Xray illustration of man with various hotspots

We can provide an effective physiotherapy treatment solution for all upper and lower lower limb joint / soft tissue injury

Initial consultation and treatment 1 hour duration

Subsequent consultation and treatment 45 minutes duration.